After working on thousands of projects around the world, one challenge seemed to stand out to us: no matter how well the project was run, there was always some bit of translation between the owners, the architect, the integrator, the general contractor, operations team, and so on, that missed the mark, resulting in time, money, and resources wasted. Sometimes it was something as simple as the definition of "dust-free," while other times it was scope gap or overlap. Most of the time, these misses could be traced back to one group or another not being clear on what the business requirements or standard operating procedures were, or in many cases, there were no business requirements or standard operating procedures established at the beginning of a project.

We specialize in transition management through the various stages of a project, whether it's transitioning from business requirements to design or from integrator to operations team, among others. It's these milestones in a project that can make or break a schedule or budget. Our teams can manage the entire project from end to end or concentrate on the transition points to keep things on track, including everything from business requirement gathering, technical project management, and design teams, to integrator RFPs, integrator management, commissioning agents, and operator training.

We've worked with a wide range of clients across various industries, including technology giants in Silicon Valley such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, as well as healthcare providers, and financial institutions.